Boutique Hotel Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages for Boutique Hotels

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Smaller, boutique hotels must be diligent in exploiting their competitive advantages to compete effectively with the larger, branded chain hotels competition. The challenge for a boutique hotel is to offer an experience that the chain hotels can’t match. To win a customer over to the boutique experience, the hotel needs to surround the guest with exquisite design, delight them attentive …

Criteria to Evaluate Hotel PMS Needs

The 4 Most Important Considerations When Evaluating Hotel Property Management Systems

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Choosing a new hotel property management system represents an important business decision, one that impacts almost every aspect of your operation. There are many different systems to evaluate, each has particular strengths and weaknesses in relation to your hotel. In order to ensure that you choose the best system for your property, here are four things that you should consider …

Increase hotel bookings with bizcations

13 Tactics to Increase Hotel Bookings

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Continually building your business is the hallmark of creating a strong and growing hotel business. While the easiest route is to establish certain rates and packages that have proven themselves over time, relying on those same tactics over time will result in less business on the books. Here are 13 tactics you can employ that will help you increase hotel …

The 1888 Hotel in Australia markets themselves as the "Instagram Hotel"

How Hotels Can Attract and Engage with Instagram Users

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With over 400 million active users sharing over 80 million images each day, Instagram’s social image sharing network is currently one of the top social networks and particularly important to the younger generations. In fact, Instagram is eclipsing Facebook in importance to internet users under the age of 30. Instagram represents a great opportunity for your guests to share organic content. Catering to both …


Hotel Amenity Unbundling

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Adding Incremental Revenue with Amenity Add-ons While the hallmark of the hotel industry has traditionally been service levels, there’s a new trend emerging. A trend which invites guests to forego amenities or choose reduced service levels in order to gain a lower nightly rate. It was only a matter of time before the hotel industry chose to follow the airlines …


ATRIO PMS Continues to Grow

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Have you seen the latest features and updates? With new features added to ATRIO PMS every 30 days, functionality is continually growing. Here are some of the highlights from the most recent versions. Tape Chart Enhancements ATRIO’s tape chart continues to evolve into a great, multi-functional tool. Choosing the new “suggested view” box displays rooms in order of the most optimal room …

Middle aged husband and wife paying by credit card

A Vision for the Future of Technology in Hospitality

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From Vision to Reality When we created ATRIO, we had a vision for a new, ground breaking hotel property management system. We wanted to build upon everything we had learned in over 25 years of providing guest-centric, fully integrated hospitality management systems, and deliver the next generation solution that would leverage all of the advantages of cloud computing, user experience …

Examples of beautiful guest correspondence from an ATRIO PMS client

7 Simple Tips to Create Better Guest Correspondence

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Capitalizing on First and Last Impressions You have worked hard to bring in a new reservation, from the look of your website to the online booking experience or reservation agent.  Now what? Guest correspondence provides important information the guest needs, as well as an incredible opportunity for you to create a lasting, positive impression on each guest. Here are seven simple …

Busy HITEC Show Floor

Technology Trends in Hospitality

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In June of every year, the North American-based hospitality technology providers debut all the latest and greatest new products on the floor at the annual HITEC expo. From TVs to trusty hotel room phones, and from mighty property management systems to nimble concierge apps, the industry looks to HITEC for the upcoming technology trends. We spoke to many hoteliers and consultants on the HITEC …

A great overview of spa revenue, with detail available too.

Spa Embraces Ease of Use, Intuitive Functionality of Cloud Spa System

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Offering massage treatments and wellness consultations, Simple Healings Nutrition Spa has experienced strong growth since it first opened in 2006. Owned by spa professional, Lynette Owens, Simple Healings deployed ATRIO Spa in July of 2014. With this deployment, PAR Springer-Miller achieves another significant milestone in the expansion of the ATRIO Hospitality Technology Platform and continues to build upon its reputation …