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ATRIO® is the next-generation hospitality management software that simplifies and enhances all aspects of the guest-service experience.

This new platform moves hospitality into a new age of guest-centricity by pairing cloud-based technology with an intuitive ATRIO GEM interface to streamline operations and empower your staff to better serve guests. The future of hospitality is here.

Experience The ATRIO® Difference

Lower Costs and Improve Services Via the Cloud.

ATRIO is revolutionizing the industry with a cloud-based platform that eliminates the need to purchase, build, and maintain expensive server-class machines. Our new modular platform scales to your computing needs and makes it easy to bring new hotels online or integrate guest information systems.

  • Lower Cost-of Ownership
  • Faster Scalability
  • Improved Data Security
  • Multiple Deployment Options

Better Guest Service With Less Training Via ATRIO GEM.

ATRIO reduces training time and increases productivity with an intuitive ATRIO GEM interface that makes it easy to deliver nimble guest services at all touch-points. Designed for Generation Y and beyond, the visual display allows employees to quickly navigate the system by touch screen, keyboard or mouse.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Lower Training Costs
  • Improved Productivity
  • Guest Self-Service Capability

Considering Moving Your PMS to the Cloud?

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Browse the ATRIO® Interface

  • Past Day Performance
  • 7 Day Outlook
  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Reservation Verification
  • Suggested Offers